Greetings from Home

Hi! This is me. I’m your stereotypical, married, American, cube-working, bonus mom to three children and two kittens (more about them later). I also have a penchant for traveling, exploring, meeting new people, and living life to the fullest. I’m the friend you wish you had, who will hop on a plane, travel a few hundred miles with you just to sample that curried goat dish you’ve been craving since your vacation to Jamaica 3 years ago. I’m the friend who is not afraid to try something new just because it’s out of the “box”. You know, the “box” of routine–but we have to go to the same vacation spot every year, because that’s where we go every year–let’s try someplace new. Life is an adventure, it’s too short to waste hanging out in the “box”. For me to decide on a locale to experience is somewhat like playing “pin the tail on the map”. Blindfold me, spin me around 3 times and aim me towards a map of the world and my next trip may just be wherever I pinned.

That being said, once I decide on where to go, the ceremony of planning begins. I love to research the place I’m going, so I can maximize my time there. I don’t believe in doing any routine thing I can do at home.

So, I will be sending Postcards From TLC (Tracey Lynn Clark–that’s me) and hope to impart some of my knowledge and experiences to you. I hope you enjoy traveling vicariously through my postcards.

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  1. Your a wealth of knowledge. When I plan my next trip I’m goin to pick your brain and take some pointers.


  2. I think this is awesome and can not wait to see how this grows!


  3. I’m in Trace. Sounds like fun.


  4. You are the only one I know who has the fortitude and attitude to make this work!

    Great things await you. 🙂


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